Inpro Medical Wins Baylor College of Medicine DoSI Challenge

Inpro Medical was announced as the winner of the 2017 BCM DoSI Challenge. The DoSI Pressure Ulcer Development Award’ will be used to speed up the development of Inpro Medical's innovative pressure ulcer prevention technology. The award covers up to $25,000 in services including research & development costs, marketing tools, online exposure, and networking. Inpro Medical will have the full support of BCM DoSI and its extended, extensive network to help prototype, develop, expose, and/or commercialize their idea(s) for clinical implementation.


The award ceremony will take place at the Baylor College of Medicine Surgical Collaboration Day on Saturday, Nov 4th 2017 at the TMC Innovation Institute.


DoSI challenge award is made available by the generosity and kindness of the Sue Nguyen Family in the form of the ‘Sue Nguyen DoSI award’.

photo credit: Albert Huang